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Catholic Revolutionary Army

The Catholic Revolutionary Army (Armée révolutionaire catholique; CRA) is an Azarathian militant revolutionary organization which is a current belligerent in the War on Terror in Quebec. They originated in Quebec let slowly moved to Azarathia. The head of the CRA, Tyler Boyle, has been held as a prisoner-of-war after the crimes he was charged in the former Republic of Quebec. As of now, the Catholic Revolutionary Army is still fighting the Quebec Armed Forces at the Azarathia-Quebec border.

Catholic Revolutionary Army
Armée révolutionaire catholique
Participant in War on Terror in Quebec
Only known flag of the CRA
Only known flag of the CRA
Left-wing nationalism
Spread of catholicism
LeadersTyler Boyle (head)
Dylan Sweet
Parker Tyree
Other pro-terrorist americans
HeadquartersAzarathia (assumed)
Area of operationsTaylor, Quebec
Opponent(s)Kingdom of Quebec
Battles and war(s)Battle of Marioland


The Catholic Revolutionary Army was originally a plot set by Tyler Boyle, to create a communist-terrorism group in the Republic of Quebec. After the Battle of Marioland, however, he fled to Azarathia to seek asylum. Barriers were later setup in the now Kingdom of Quebec.