Catholic Principality of Darusia

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Catholic Principality of Darusia (en)
Principado Católico de Darusia (es)

Darusian Flag.jpgDarusian Coat of Arm.png

Ad Maiora Natus Sum (English: We were born for Greater Things)
Canticorum lubilo
Kingdom of Spain
Capital cityArchangelia
Largest cityArchangelia
Official language(s)Spanish
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
Short nameDarusia
GovernmentDemocratic Pricipality - Parlamentary System
- Prince of Catholic Principality of DarusiaCardinal Jaume III
- Prime Minister of DarusiaJuan Maria Altozano Democratic Pricipality
LegislatureChamber of Illustrated of Darusia
EstablishedAugust 26 of 2017
Area claimed160 m2
Time zoneUTC+0
National sportCriquett
National animalHawk
Patron saintSan Gabriel Obispo.
This nation is a member of the Association of Nations

Darusian Government Twitter

The Catholic Principality of Darusia, is a Micronation founded in Spain, who has diplomatic relations with other micronations as The Ionix Empire (Example), his leader is the Cardinal Jaume III creating a religious micronation, the population is superior to 23 citizens.


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