Repubblica Democratica della Campania


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Inno Nazionale
Napul'è (Pino Daniele)
Lingua(e) Ufficiale(i)Italiana
GovernoRepubblica presidenziale
- Presidente della RepubblicaMarius (Provvisorio)
LegislaturaSenato della Repubblica
- Tipo - Unicamerale
- Numero dei Seggi - 50
Formazione5 luglio 2019
Fuso Orario+1 UTC



The founding of The Catalonia Republic was on April 1, 2018 by Marco López. The state is founded on the culture of the historic Spanish region of Catalonia.


The catalonian economy is broadly-based on the agriculture.

Government and politics

{{Politics of Catalonia

Catalonia is a federal, semi-presidential republic. The President of Catalonia is elected by direct universal suffrage while the Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the most seats in Parliament, the Parliament de Catalunya. Together, they form a government.

Law and Order

The Policia de Catalunya is the law enforcement agency in the Catalonia. The Police is in charge of investigations, road traffic and behavior monitoring. The security and the defense is in charge of the Catalonia Self-Defense Forces. Each federal subject is competent in criminal matters. Local judges appointed by the governors set penalties to case law. The Federal Court of Girona is competent for web-crimes.



Catalonia is a micronation of about 45 people of diverse origins, cultures, languages, and religions. The last census was held in April 2018. The Catalonia Government creates official ethnic communities in order to promote culture and guarantee the representation of each community. Actually they are four ethnic communities, the Catalans who are the most populous ethnic group in Catalonia with 89% of the total population and the French people with 11%.


The constitution recognize two groups of languages, first the "administrative and official" who are English, language of the first territories and Catalan.



The Catalonia Football Team represents Occitania in the football's world.


There are varios medias in the country. There are one newspapers: Missatger de Catalunya. In addition, there are two television channels: Catalunya TV and the CataTV. The private media is managed by the Cata Media Group.