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The capital of a nation is usually defined as the city within that nation that the functions of government are centralized. For nations with tiers of government, where some measure of authority is delegated to units smaller than the national level, these units may themselves have capitals. The word may also be used in a less restrictive sense, to denote a city or other locale which a center of some industry or activity; an economic capital, a fishing capital, etc.

In micronations, especially those that are mostly online and that have no secessionist ambitions, the idea of having a capital is less related to an actual need for centralization in a single place than to the idea that nations naturally have capitals. As such, many online micronations, especially if they're not averse to creating a little fictional background, will claim to have a capital.

List of capitals of micronations

This is a list of capitals in various micronations. (List in alphabetic order!!!)

Micronation Capital State/Territory/Province/District
Aleutian Islands .jpeg Aleutian Islands Adak Adak
Republic of Asassin Rangsedok United States of Rangsedok
Abelden Pleston and Alexton Alenshka
Adammia Imperial City Tytannia
Aenopia New Aberdare Greater New Aberdare
CommonwealthStandard.png Commonwealth of Altavia Alexandria Alexandria-Durham Apollo Luna Lime
Atovia Theolonia Theolonia
Austenasia Wrythe Greater Wrythe, Royton
Flag of Asgard.png Asgard Frederiksborg Frederiksborg
Adammia Imperial City Tytannia
Aswington Sumqik Central Region
United States of Akkerman New Whiteyard New Whiteyard
Imperium Aquilae Cladarchia Imperial Owned Larisa
Bandeira de Cruzeiro do Sul Acre.svg.png Reino Unido de Austraterra e Australandia Australandia Distrito de Australandia, São Paulo, Brasil
Uta.png United islands of america Washington(U.T.) United islands of america
Austin Island Capital City
Barbettian flag.PNGEmpire of Barbettia Barbettia Barbettia
BailliumFlag.pngThe Baillium Empire Bailly A Federal District of Bailly Crater
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpgUnited Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Peñiscola Spain
Begonian-Kaiserreich-Flag.pngThe Begonian Kaiserreich Lindon (District of Lindon, Begonia) NC, USA
Belcityflag.pngBelcity Belcity Regione di Belcity
Flag Of Benjastan.pngDemocratic Republic Of Benjastan Thomasville Thomasville District
Flag of the Buckeye Republic.jpeg The Buckeye Republic Buck-Tropalis Frankin County, Ohio
FlagofBørge.jpeg Republic of Børge Fictiondom New York
TheBirchRepublic.pngThe Birch Republic Birch North West England
Republic of Campbellia Campbelliapoli
Capi Flag.jpgCapi Capipopolus Capi
FlagofCaddia3.png Federal Republic of Caddia Caddia City Charileville
Flag of Caudonia.png Caudonia Salisbury New Rutland
Curimae.jpg The Royal Kingdom of Curimae New Curimae City N/A
Chrothonian Empire Chrothos
Commonweath of dracul2.png Commonwealth of Dracul Houston Texas
Delvera Lavrada Lavrasia
DES Senya Cat's Corner Cat's Corner Province
Deseret Nauvoo Nauvoo
Egtavia Prad Capital Province
Ebenthali Imperial Flag Inverse.png Kingdom of Ebenthal Arturia Free city
PRENewflag.png People's Republic of Elmshorn Elmshorn None
Fakeflag-mh2-au5.png Republic of Ellesmere Ellesmere Hamlet Capital Province
Eniarku Vicis District 1, Sector 1, Greater Vicis
Esse Réma Réma
Queendom of Essexia.jpg Queendom of Essexia Chelmsford Federal District of Chelmsford
Confederation of Flevelt Pavia (city) Grand Duchy of Pavia
Flagfalcar2019.png Falcar Sunin Arbonia
Florenia Afula Dominion of Afula
Galiria.png Galiria Galiriópolis internet/red
GaplaFlag.png Gapla Great Gapla City District of Greater Gapla
Gishabrun Kravat Kravat Oblast
Goldensteinsnewflag.JPG Goldenstein Goldenstein City Mainland
Guanduania flag.png Guanduania Guanduanis Guanduanis Province
Gymnasium flag standartized.png Gymnasium State Sušice-Gympl itself
VlagHeist.png | Heist-op-den-Berg City of Heist-op-den-Berg
EarldomOfHosamiaFlag.png Hosamia Kinhos Proper Hosamia Province
ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Empire Huai Siao Tianjin City shire of Empire Huai Siao
The Republic of Iska Akaliazen Lepisteas Iska Akaliazen
The Grand Republic of Jacktopia Jacktown
Xxxx.png The Dominion of the Republic of Jadoraria Imperial City Imperial District
Kaz Flag.jpg Kaz The City of Kaz Kaz Province
Flag of Klitzibürg.png Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg Brüm Province of Körpenque
Flag of the Free City of Leamouth.png Free City of Leamouth Leamouth (city-state) N/A
Lululandian flago.png Lulunia Urb der ribeltuum N/A
Latitudia Friedenheim Duchy of the Salt Sea
Sphinxflag3.png Most Serene Republic of Lemuria Hetairapolis Isle of Lemuria
Lundenwic New Charter Territory of New Charter
Kingdom of Loveland Lovleand State of Loveland, and Province of South Alexai
Lytera St. Cavendish Cavendish
Flagledoff2.pngPrincipality of Ledilia New Gandolfo Ledilian Districts Administration
Luxe.jpgRepubblica democratica di Luxe Luxe Governatorato di Luxe
IMG 20190816 135309.pngLibertiganopa Mercenara Mercenara
Kingdom of Mivland St. Jessesburg Foxewood-Millbrook
New Munaland Flag 2.png Principality of Munaland Munaland-Ville (Munaland is a city and a State) Munalandian Federal Central District
Mackinac Engadine Engadine Capital District
Meta Cidade MC Capital MC Capital
MalinoviaFlag.png State of Malinovia Auroris Greater Auroris
Grand Matachewanian Flag.png Grand Kingdom of Matachewan Oblate City Nowy Galicia (Facer District St. Catharines)
Bandiera di Matthew City.png Kingdom of Matthew City Matthew City Matthew City
Molossia Baughston Harmony Province
United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum Eastport Skʷάyi
Menders-flag.png Federal Republic of Menders New-Zatec Republic of Comenius Alley
Slitronia Flag.pngGreat Kingdom of Slitronia Parva Navale
Nemkhavia Astor Impora Central Nemkhav Republic
Флако Неутнациа-3.png Neutfere Tsardom Domezad Kapital
New Eiffel Új Repülő
Flag of New Paint.svg New Paint Desert Hot Springs US State of Idaho
HREflag.png New Israel Lollardry
North Jackia Ailsa Craig Ailsa Craig
North American Confederation Indianapolis Imperial District
Npl flag.jpg Federal Republic of New Potato Land The Offical Draig Tatws, New Potato Land
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire New Tenochtitlan District of New Tenochtitlan
Newnatlinflag.png United Provinces of Natlin Wasusu Wasusu (Province)
O Ohio Republic Canton Stark
Occitania Babougrad Federal City of Babougrad
Olislelia flag.png Baronato di Olislelia Lurolo Italy, Latium
Paloma Paloma City Pájaro
Pacificonia Acadia, Kornor(de facto) Commune of Terria
Paravia Nyros Clyne
Pflag3.png Tsardom of Phokland Rosston Province of Capitis
Flag.Pinang 1.png Pinang Estosadok-Costituzione Province of Estosadok
Kingdom of Procia and Provinces Amarabaka The Mainland
Pitchfork Union Unionion, (formerly Borderland Unionion/PFO1
Flag of Paragotnia.jpeg Federal States of Paragotnia Roselake Housein
Fyrstendømmet af de Nordlige Skove.jpg Principality of the Northern Forests The Northern Village Grand Duchy of Deodara
People's Federation of Quebec Citadelle Capital District
Grand Duchy of Rabenberg Oberwald Rabenbergus
Razerkaikstanian flag smaller.png The Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania Nylbjorn The Province of Nylbjorn
Roschfallen Flag.png Roschfallen Triunphus Capital District
Republic of Room Room City Sermok
Flagofsunland.jpeg Sunland Sunby Sunara
Sabia and Verona Alios N/A
SaspearianFlag.jpgSaspearian Unueco Logejo Province
Silikia Riverside N/A
Sabinalinkflag.png Sabinese Republic La Litera Sabina
Sandus Kremlum Sandus n/a
Flag scoria.png Scoria Breccia n/a
Secundomia Middle Secundomia City Middle Secundomia
Shireroth Shirekeep Shirekeep County
Shorewell Shehzadam
Sirocco Alston National Capital District
Sollena flag.png Sollena Solemn City Sollena
Triumvirate of Sonderan Merindarra Fyrstir
6F36F0B8-F863-457E-A45F-434DFA6FD68A.png Southern Cross Union Cavehill Brisbane Australia
Sorreniaflagnew.png Kingdom of Sorrenia Durham Dunelm
St. John Vredesstad Concordia
Flag of Sinhankon.png Republic of Sinhankon NewHan City HanGyeong Buk Du
2020 Suverska Flag.png Republic of Suverska Paskrai Paskrai
Tarvitian Sucon Nordean Tarvitian Yeoman Territories
 Kingdom of Tarvit тиятсии(Tyatsy') Yeomanry House
The Micronational Empire of Thebes New Thebes Cadmea
The Timonocite Empire Freneau (called Eshaanland by the locals)
Tsurasian Flag.jpg Kingdom of Tsurasia Tsuri
UcleaFlag.jpg The Democratic Republic of Uclea Uclea City Uclea City
Usian Republic Usipolis Province of Usipolis
Socialist United Republic of Ünie New Murph Blue-Green District
Verd'land Ziegler Praga
Vilthia Vignetia Vignetia
Wegmatflag.jpeg Kingdom of Wegmat Two Pine Glifork
Flag of the Free City of Whitby.png Free City of Whitby Whitby (city-state)
Winland flag.png Kingdom of Winland Weillin
Flag of the Principality of Woodlandia.jpg Principality of Woodlandia Freedom N/A