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{{Infobox nation
{{Infobox nation
|name              = Kingdom of Prusson
|name              = Kingdom of Prusson

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Kingdom of Prusson

Blood and Sweat brings Peace and Prosperity
Brooklyn, Ny
Capital cityPacific 1154
Largest cityConey Island
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Hypnopts
Short namePrusson
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- MonarchJohn L.
Area claimed7.40mi²
Population3 (as of 2020 census)
Time zoneUTC-5:00
National sportBaseball
National animalCobra
This nation is a member of the NYC micronation committee

The Kingdom of Prussion, more commonly known as Prussion, is a micronation in the New York city district and is located in the borough of Brooklyn. The total area of the nation spans 7.40 square miles going thru major neighborhoods like Gravesend, Borough Park, Coney Island and Bensonhurst. The nation was founded on June 22nd 2020 and was founded by the first heir to the throne and current king, King John the First. As of July 2020 there is no heir to the throne. The latest census put the population at a mere 3 people tho the area it spans contains almost a quarter million residents.

The nation is ran by an constitutional monarchy with its first monarch being John the First. The nation currently has no constitution but plans on making one in the future. The government has no plans on expanding anytime soon but colonies are being suggested to the Monarch. By the end of the year the government plans on being recognized by the residents of the nation and allow them to sign up for citizenship via Discord (Link at end of article) The house of parliament is located in the Capital of Pacific 1154, Brooklyn, NY 11219. While parliament does not have a physical location, meetings are conducted on the online site of Discord where elections are held every two months for seats in the house.

The country as of July 2020 has no foreign affairs or policies with other Micronations.


The name Prussion comes from the origins of the Monarch being from former territories of Prussia. The ending of the nations name was changed so that it wouldn't be straight out copying the former german empire.


The history of Prussion will be listed in chronological order:

May 29th, 2020: Plans for the independence movement for Prussion takes place
June 4th, 2020: Prussion officials begin to organize land claims, sea claims and government
June 22th, 2020: Prussion has officially become a micronation starting out with just the capital's block under their rule
June 23rd, 2020: Expanison begins as Prussion begins claiming more land till it has reached Bath Beach
June 24th, 2020: Expansion is completed as the island of Coney is put under the rule of Prussion
July 3rd, 2020: John The First is named the the first monarch of the country
July 12th, 2020: The birthday of John the First is celebrated among the country
July 20th, 2020: Work on the Discord based parliament takes place
July 22nd, 2020: Prussion begins its recognition attempts by creating a micronations wiki article

Politics and government

The parliament can be run by a total of 100 members since a total of 100 seats are available. There are 10 districts in the country each with 10 members max serving each district. Members are voted by the districts population every two months and any member can serve an unlimited amount of time as long as they are voted for by the majority. members can vote on new laws and regulations as well as military actions and foreign relations. The monarch is in charge of signing off these laws and actions and if a action is vetoed then a revote in parliament will take place where at least half must vote to reject the veto or accept the veto. For an action to reach the monarch the action must also have a more then half vote. Ties will be given to the monarch who will decide which side to vote on. Some restricted parliament actions include impeaching the monarch tho the only way a monarch can be removed from power is if they were to do something that would be considered unconstitutional and more then 4/5s of the house agrees.

Law and order

The police force consists of any who wish to participate and pass the police force test. They are in charge of regulating the house of parliament's discord as well as the borders of the nation


To be added in the future

Geography and climate

The country is almost 100% urbanized with the exception of Brighton beach. The climate can be described as subtropical matching NYC's climate. Its coastline is about 9 miles in length and has sea claims extending one nautical mile to allow NYC to continue having Atlantic ocean access.


Major industries includes Transportation, Farmland and Tourism. Prussion exports wheat and corn and imports steel.

Culture and media

The main language is English at first with Spanish, and Hebrew following behind. The nationalities includes American at first, Italian at second and Israeli at third. The official newspaper of Prussion is currently under construction for the next month.

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