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Territory of Canso Frontenac
—  Territory of the Empire of Iustus  —
SV Niantic in Canso-Frontenac on 1 December 2019

Nickname(s): Canso
Motto: Ed Balls
Anthem: Iustus and free
Territorial song: Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie and Ode to Joy
Established 1 December 2019
 - Emperor of Iustus Austin Jaax
 - Total 0.127 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 1
Time zone Eastern / Eastern Daylight

The Territory of Casno Frontenac is a territory in the Empire of Iustus which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


The territorial name is made-up of Canso and Frontenac, which are the two slopes of the river which form the territory. Canso is named after the Nova Scotian town, while Frontenac was named after Louis de Buade de Frontenac, a French soldier and the former Governor-General of New France[1]. Both names were chosen by Jayden Lycon as they sounded cool, and they do not have any relative meaning to the land claimed.

The use of a hyphen

When Canso-Frontenac was a territory, it was officially "Canso Frontenac", without a hyphen in the middle. However, a hyphen was generally used by Iustus citizens and de facto by the government. If the territory gets incorporated into a town, it plans to change its name to the Town of Canso-Frontenac, which reflects the change in governance as well as adding a hyphen between Canso and Frontenac.


Louis de Buade de Frontenac, whose the territory is partly named after.

Jayden Lycon spoke with Austin Jaax on the possibility of claiming the land for the Empire of Iustus. Lycon, at the time, was the Chief-Justice of Iustus and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Austin Jaax approved the request and wrote an Act of Parliament proclaiming the event, and the territory was claimed by the Aenderian Coast Guard on behalf of the Empire of Iustus on 1 December 2019. It was later incorporated as a territory after the passing of the Canso Frontenac Act.[2]

On 23 April 2020, Lycon had an interest in incorporating the territory into a town. He later spoke to Jaax, but he informed him that a town requires people to reside in them. Lycon later decided to annex one of his doorframes in his bedroom, which had not been claimed by Aenderia. As the doorframe was in Lycon's home, it met the requirements of a town and is being incorporated as of right now.


As Canso-Frontenac is currently a territory of Iustus, it is administered directly by the Government of Iustus and does not have a town council. It also does not gain any delegation status in the House of Representatives. However, if it incorporates as a town, it is planned to have a town council and Jayden Lycon being Lord Mayor. It is unknown how many delegates are planned to be assigned to Canso-Frontenac at this time if it incorporates as a town.


Claiming of Canso-Frontenac

A majority of citizens travel to Canso-Frontenac through walking, as it is connected to a trail starting from Point Cupertino or McCowan Road and ending on McNicoll Avenue, in the Finch Hydro Corridor. It is also connected to the Highland Creek, allowing small ship access like the Aenderian Coast Guard ship SV Niantic to pass through. Furthermore, it is accessible by road, and the Toronto Transit Commission routes 39 Finch, 129 McCowan North, 21 Brimley, and 42 Cummer stopping near Canso-Frontenac.

Geography and climate

Canso-Frontenac resides in the Highland Creek, north of Finch Avenue East and the Aenderian state of Noyan and is located in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands. The territory consists of two cliffs, which are both named Canso and Frontenac, with the Highland Creek in the middle. It has an elevation of about 185m.[3] The territory's official classification in the Koppen Climate Classification is a Warm Summer Continental Climate. It is located in Southern Ontario and receives moderate temperatures.

In the summertime, it could reach about 25° - 35 °C. In the wintertime, temperatures could reach below -5 °C and sometimes at -20 °C. In fall, temperatures stay about 0°-10 °C. As for precipitation, it can reach from 53.7mm to 84.7mm per month.

Climate data for Empire of Iustus (Canso-Frontenac)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -0.7
Average low °C (°F) -6.7
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 61.5
Source: Environment Canada[4]


Due to the proximity to Aenderia, the culture of Canso-Frontenac is very similar. However, it is mostly dominated by Canadian culture; American and Vietnamese cultures that are very prevalent in Aenderia has not transferred to Canso-Frontenac.


Pancakes are commonly eaten in Canso-Frontenac

Typical food and dishes in Canso-Frontenac include:

Movies and television

Yuuko Aioi, a protagonist in the television show Nichijou, appears in the territorial flag.

Popular movies include 1917, Avengers: Endgame, Knives Out, Parasite, and more. Television is not popular, with only CBC, CTV, and other Canadian news channels making up the majority of the viewership. However, some live reality shows and anime, including Nichijou, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Live PD, and others occasionally get watched. One of the most-watched shows in Canso-Frontenac is CBC Marketplace.


Citizens in Canso-Frontenac listen to a wide variety of music, spanning from pop to classical music. Popular songs include ones made by Gustav Holst, Bruno Mars and John Williams, which include Second Suite in F for Military Band, Finesse, 24K Magic (album), and Olympic fanfare. Most Kpop music is usually disgraced, however some songs including Feel Special from Twice are generally accepted and listened by citizens.


A majority of citizens in the territory play causal or simulation games, including Cities: Skylines, Minecraft and Rocket League. As Iustus is in the Micronational Olympic Federation, it participates in its e-sport competitions under the Iustus team.


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