Cameron I of Ikonia

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Cameron I
Xiπhopenkólorataio I
Cameron I in 2021
King of Ikonia
Reign19 October 2018–present
Heir presumptiveTroy Koehler
Born1 September 2006 (2006-09-01) (age 15)
Celebration, Florida, U.S.
Full name
Cameron Scott
FatherHRH Sir Paul MC
MotherMother Linda
SignatureCameron I Xiπhopenkólorataio I's signature

Cameron I (Cameron Scott; 1 September 2006) is the founder and King of Ikonia, reigning since 19 October 2018. Cameron is also a highly regarded herald, having studied the subject for several years, and is the Diaconus King of Arms of His Majesty's Heraldic Authority and Grand-Marshal of the Society of Arms, alongside holding membership in several royal guilds and heraldic authorities in other micronations.

An absolute monarch, Cameron established the Kingdom of Ikonia on 19 October 2018, and subsequently saw the creation of the House of Koehler, the Constitution of Ikonia being passed, the Codicem Heraldica Ikonius, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. During the Territorial Era which began in April 2019, Cameron greatly expanded the size of the Kingdom, creating the Dominion of the Caribbean, the erstwhile Dominion of Blake, and Orange County, Uvenia. This prompted him to revive the Ikonian Empire, however it would later be fully abolished on 21 December 2020. Cameron is credited for most of Ikonia's cultural, diplomatic, industrial and political development, specifically with a large emphasis on Ikonian heraldry and vexillology.

Cameron is a recognisable figure in the MicroWiki community. He has been a technical administrator on MicroWiki since February 2020. He was formerly an administrator on MicroWiki@Discord from June 2019 until his resignation in February 2021. He has received nearly thirty foreign honors, making him one of the most awarded micronationalists in the community of all time. He was nominated for DIME Magazine's Micronationalist of the Year award for 2019, and was later ranked 12th on Statistic-Dime's list of the Top 25 Most Influential Micronationalists in the MicroWiki Sector of 2020.[1][2]

Personal life

Cameron I (far left), with brothers Troy, Tyler, and Mother Linda

Early life

Royal family of the Kingdom of Ikonia
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Ikonia
V · T · E

Cameron Scott Koehler was born on 1 September 2006 in Florida Hospital Celebration Health (now AdventHealth Celebration) in Celebration, to middle-class parents Paul, and Linda (née Orozco; b. 1971).[3][4] He is the youngest of three brothers, Tyler (b. 2003) and Troy Parker, Duke of Nikodemia (b. 2005). In 2010, his parents got a divorce, and Cameron went to live with Linda. She was evicted from her apartment in 2018, which led to Cameron moving in with his father, Paul.

Cameron was raised Catholic by his mother, and wishes to he baptized in the future by the Catholic Church. On 9 February 2019, he, alongside his family, and rosaries were blessed by Fr. Julian Bednarz SDS.[5] He currently practices Rastafarianism, but still strongly holds his Catholic beliefs alongside.

Design work

Cameron has studied heraldry and vexillology for two years, and is a major contributor to micronational design, helping blazon, design, and create coat of arms, standards, flags, and badges using the program Inkscape. He currently is the Grand Marshal of the Society of Arms, and Diaconus King of Arms in His Majesty's Heraldic Authority. Cameron has designed numerous heraldic symbols for Ikonia and Ikonian territories, and other notable work includes several redesigns of New Virginian heraldry, and the coat of arms of New Eiffel and Nordale. He has been widely regarded as the greatest micronational herald.[a]


Cameron's reign was the first ever in Ikonian history when he established the throne in 2018, which saw the Constitution of Ikonia being passed, the Codicem Heraldica Ikonius, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. His reign also saw the evolution of the Ikonian protectorates, Ikonian Empire, and more which attributed to the land of Ikonia, and also made himself two dominions, one of which (Dominion of Blake) stopped existing.

When he established the Kingdom, Cameron was never coronated. He has planned to be fully coronated in the year 2022.


Cameron currently focuses on the improvement of the Royal Residence, and the importance of heraldry, establishing His Majesty's Heraldic Authority and appointing two pursuivants to said-authority.

Other micronational positions

Cameron has been active in several other micronations, including Australis, Austenasia and Kapreburg among others. Cameron currently serves as the Prime Minister of Australis, after being overwhelmingly elected in a general-election after releasing a 8-page manifesto for his declared party, the Conservative Party.[6] He has been awarded with three medals for his service to the nation. He also serves as Prime Minister of Kapreburg, serving since 16 January 2021, after voting Ian Douglas Smith II out of office. He previously served as Prime Minister of Kapreburg under the Exampliary Party from 22 September 2019 until 20 August 2020. He also served as the Marqueese of Meighan Island, until the title was later revoked. The territory dissolved shortly after. He resigned after multiple complications with the King, and submitted his resignation on 19 August 2020, and later making a public announcement on the 20th. He is noted for having every Kapresh medal. Furthermore, he is also the Consul to Florida in the Austenasian Foreign Office, however uses his real birth name, Cameron Koehler. He was awarded with the Austenasian Order and also has the title of the Duke of Dixie. Cameron, in gratitude of these awards gifted Jonathan I of Austenasia the Dukedom of Argos.

Other ventures


Cameron is semi-proficient in nine programming languages, and two markup languages. He knows C#, JavaScript, Python, Lua, Ruby, BASIC, PHP, HTML, Batch, and PowerShell. He used these skills under RainDrop Technology as their COO, but now runs his own company Orange Computers (started as Enhance).[7] He has written all the HTML and CSS for the Kingdom of Ikonia's official website. Furthermore, Cameron was a technical administrator on MicroWiki from February 2020 to April 2021, and an administrator on MicroWiki@Discord from June 2019 until his resignation in February 2021.[8][9]

Music career

Cameron became interested in music from a young age. He is a frequent ukelele player, and started playing at age eleven. He uses FL Studio 20 to create and draft music tracks, and uses Audacity to mix and master. Cameron stumbled upon the band Diarchy and became immensely interested in writing and creating music again. He went on to form the classical rock duo Nationality with Aidan McGrath in February 2019. The duo released an album and two singles, which received positive reviews,[10] however the band was disbanded in September due to personal complications between the two. Cameron created the band 3818 soon after its dissolution, and continues to make music under 3818, however has been stagnate in releases.[11]

Cameron favours rock and reggae bands and artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Yellowman, Josey Wales, and Musical Youth.


Cameron expressed an interest in literature, and especially micronational literature in mid-2021 after reading numerous dissertations, and other books. He ended up starting Barrington Books, an Ikonian book company, and wrote his first book—The History of Kapreburg.

Titles, styles, honours, and arms

Titles, and styles

  • 19 October 2018 - His Majesty Cameron the First, by the Grace of God of Ikonia, King.
  • French variant (commonly used in documents) - Sa Majesté Cameron I Par la grâce de Dieu, Roi

Standards and arms

Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Royal Cypher of King Cameron I.svg
Diaconus banner of Cameron I.svg
Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg
Revised royal and battle banner of Cameron I.svg
Coat of arms as King of Ikonia
(2018 – present)
Royal cypher as King of Ikonia
(2019 – present)
Banner as King of Ikonia
(2018 – present)
Royal Standard as King of Ikonia
(2019 – present)
Battle and ceremonial flag as King of Ikonia
(2020 – present)



  • The History of Kapreburg (Liaisratalorkyut atau ΣπeeplorkóΦefloré). Davenport, Florida, The Rt. Hon Sir Cameron Koehler RMP OKE OFP AM OER CNZ OJI PVS, 2021.
  • My issues & complaints with the Constitution of the Grand Republic of Kapreburg (Issefkós xadirlia Élorπiod LorkóeepefΦquixi). Davenport, Florida, The Rt Hon. Group-captain Sir Cameron Scott Koehler RMP GCKE OFP OER CNZ OJI PVS, 2021.


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  1. It has been generally agreed upon micronationalists in the Discord sector that he is the greatest micronational herald due to his works.