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!width=20% |[[File:Coat_of_arms_of_the_Dominion_of_the_Caribbean.svg|center|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Coat of arms of the House of Koehler.svg|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Coat of arms of the House of Koehler.svg|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Coat of arms of Cameron Koehler in Kapreburg.svg|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Coat of arms of Cameron Koehler in Kapreburg revised.svg|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Coat of arms of Cameron Koehler in Paloma.svg|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Coat of arms of Cameron Koehler in Paloma.svg|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Royal_Cypher_of_King_Cameron_I.svg|x220px]]
!width=20% |[[File:Royal_Cypher_of_King_Cameron_I.svg|x220px]]

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Cameron I
Xiπhopenkólorataio I
Cameron I in 2020
King of Ikonia
Reign19 October 2018–present
Heir presumptiveTroy Koehler
Born1 September 2006 (2006-09-01) (age 14)
Celebration, Florida, USA
Full name
Cameron Scott
MotherQueen Mother Linda
ReligionRoman Catholicism
OccupationTechnical administrator of MicroWiki, student
SignatureCameron I Xiπhopenkólorataio I's signature

Cameron I (born 1 September 2006) is the King of Ikonia, having ascended to the throne upon the foundation of the micronation on 19 October 2018, and musician who founded 3818, and was a member of the former band, Nationality.

Cameron came from a middle-class family that lives in Davenport. From age five to ten, he moved frequently due to his mother having to relocate for various jobs.

He is currently King, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and more. In addition to these roles, Cameron I is also a MicroWiki discord, wiki, and technical administrator

Personal life

Early life

Ikonian Royal Family
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Ikonia
V · T · E

Cameron was born at Florida Hospital Celebration Health in Celebration, Florida, to Linda.

In 2010, his parents King Mother Linda and P. K. got a divorce, which sent Cameron to go live with Linda. In 2018, King Mother Linda had gotten evicted out of her apartment, causing Cameron to live with his father.

As Cameron's mother was raised Catholic, she raised him and his brothers Catholic. He wishes to be baptized in the future. He, along with his family, and rosaries were blessed by Fr. Julian Bednarz SDS[1] on 9 February 2019.

Music career

Cameron was interested in music at a young age, and loves bands and artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, and Jack Antonoff. He is a frequent ukulele player, and started playing at 11 years old. He uses FL Studio 12 to create and draft music tracks, and uses Audacity to mix and master.


Cameron is semi-proficient in nine programming languages, and two markup languages. He knows C#, JavaScript, Python, Lua, Ruby, Basic, PHP, HTML, Batch, and Powershell. He used these skills under RainDrop Technology as their COO, but now runs his own company, Reactive Solutions.


Cameron stumbled upon the band in the MicroWiki community, The Diarchy and was immensely interested in starting to write and create music again. Cameron later asked Aidan McGrath if he wanted to form a duo group, and accepted. They then formed the band Nationality.


Cameron created the band 3818 soon after Nationality was dissolved, and continues to make music under 3818.

Micronational career

Kingdom of Ikonia


On 18 October 2018, Cameron discovered micronationalism via a Great Big Story video on Molossia. The exact sequence of events leading up to the creation of Ikonia are unclear, but it is known that by the evening of 18 October, Cameron's house was claimed independent from the United States of America. From this point forward he was the King of Ikonia. On 19 October, Cameron wrote the Constitution of Ikonia. From this point onwards, Cameron was declared the King although he never had a formal coronation.


Cameron held a very high position in Kapreburg, serving as Prime Minister under the Exampliary Party from 22 September 2019 until 20 August 2020. He was elected in the 2019 Kapresh general election. He also served as the Marqueese of Meighan Island.

He resigned after multiple complications with the Tsar, and submitted his resignation on 19 August 2020, and later making a public announcement on the 20th.


Cameron currently serves as the Consul to Florida in the Foreign Office, however uses his real birth name, Cameron Koehler.

Titles, styles, honours, and arms

Titles, and styles

Standards and arms

Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Coat of arms of the Dominion of the Caribbean.svg
Coat of arms of the House of Koehler.svg Coat of arms of Cameron Koehler in Kapreburg revised.svg Coat of arms of Cameron Koehler in Paloma.svg Royal Cypher of King Cameron I.svg
Coat of arms as King of Ikonia
(2018 – present)
Coat of arms as King of the Caribbean
(2019 – present)
Coat of arms as the Sovereign of the House of Koehler
(2018 – present)
Coat of arms as a citizen of Kapreburg
(2020 – present)
Coat of arms as Governor of Solarez in Paloma
(2020 – present)
Royal cypher as King of Ikonia
(2018 – present)
Diaconus banner of Cameron I.svg
Banner as King of Ikonia
(2020 – present)

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  1. Fr. Julian Bednarz, Diocese of Orlando 2018 - https://imgur.com/tzsxX5M - Accessed on 10 February 2019