Camerlengo of the Central Protectorate

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Yuniversnew.png Camerlengo of the Central Protectorate Comunita.png
Camerlengo del Protettorato Centrale
Seal of the Camerlengo

Formation July 10th, 2007

Term length Decided by the Sovereign

Appointed by Sovereign of the Decracy of Yunivers

Actual Camerlengo Lorenzo Scatto

The Camerlengo of the Central Protectorate is an office of the Decracy of Yunivers.
The Camerlengo is the administrator of the property and revenues of the Central Protectorate and is the highest secretary and counselor of the Sovereign.


As head administrator of the Central Protectorate's finances, he's responsible on budgets. However, these tasks are done in his name by the APPC (Agency for Administration of Central Protectorate Patrimony), headed by the Camerlengo.
Chief among the present responsibilities of the Camerlengo is the formal determination of the death or resignation of the reigning Sovereign. The traditional procedure for this was to call his baptismal name (e.g. "Andrea, dormisne?", meaning "Andrea, are you sleeping?"). After the Sovereign is declared dead or abdicated, the Camerlengo takes possession of the Royal Ring and cuts it with shears in the presence of the Council of the Nobles, which confirms the beggining of the Sede Vacante and grants to the Camerlengo his powers. This act symbolizes the end of the late Sovereign's authority and prevents its use in forging documents. The Camerlengo then notifies the appropriate officers of the Central Protectorate and the Great Vicar. He is then involved with the preparations concerning the conclave and the eventual Sovereign's funeral.
Until a successor can be elected, the Camerlengo serves as the Decracy of Yunivers' acting head of state.

List of Camerlenghi

  • Cleana O'Malley (2007-2009)
  • Lorenzo Scatto (2009-2010)
  • Alessia Garazzini (2010-2012) Camerlengo is Sede Vacante MMX
  • Simone Spadone (2012-2013) Camerlengo in Sede Vacante MMXIII
  • Lorenzo Scatto (2013-...)