California Republic

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{{Infobox nation |name = Republic of California
Republica de California(Español) |image1 = File:BearFlag.jpg
Flag |image2 = File:CaliforniaCOA.jpg
Coat of Arms |motto = Eureka! |anthem = "I Love You, California" |location = Western United States |capital = Sacramento |largest_city = Los Angeles |languages = None, English(de facto) |demonym = Californian, Californio |government = Constitutional Semi-presidential republic |head of state = President |3rd_h = |head of government = [[w:Lieutenant Governor of California|Prime Minister |hos_name = w:Jerry Brown |3rd_h_name = |hog_name = Gavin Newsom |legislature = National Legislature |type = bicameral |seats = 120 |upper_house = Senate |lower_house = National Assembly |election = |established = June 14, 2018 (intended declaration of independence from United States)
April 10, 2018 (declaration of intent to secede)
September 9, 1850 (Statehood within United States)
July 9, 1846 (annexation by US
June 14, 1846 (independence from Mexico) |disestablished = |population = 39,536,653 |currency = US Dollar |time_zone = Pacific Standard/Daylight Time (UTC -7, -8) |nat_drink = Wine |nat_dish = Avocado |nat_animal = Bear |pat_saint = Junipero Serra |web = http:// }}

California, also known as the Republic of California (Spanish: Republica de California) and more formally, the California Republic is a self declared nation encompassing the entire US state of California and is considered the second coming of the California Republic and Bear Flag Revolt. It is governed as a Semi-presidential republic with the state Governor as President and Lieutenant Governor as it's Prime Minister. Currently, these positions are filled by Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom respectively. The [[w:California State Legislature|California State Legislature is considered the National Legislature with the State Senate and State Assembly called the Senate and National Assembly. It is inspired by the current ongoing California nationalist movement and fueled by opposition to the current US government and its President, Donald Trump and its status as a Tax-Donor State.