Cabinet Crisis (Secundomia)

The Cabinet Crisis was a crisis in the Republic of Secundomia.

The Cabinet Crisis
DateApril 17-present
Status Resolved
Secundomia Official Flag.jpgRepublic of Secundomia
Secundomian Protesters/Rahimist-Ibrahimists
Commanders and leaders
Secundomia Official Flag.jpgParker I
Luke of Secundomiapost trial of Ibrahim
Empress of Atlan
Rahim I(first protester)
Ibrahim I(second protester)
Nate I
Spencer Ipre-trial of Ibrahim
Luke of Secundomiapre trial of Ibrahim
1-3 3-5

Before Conflict

Secundomian President Parker I announced his cabinet decisions. He chose Luke of Secundomia for Economics, Nate I for Development, and Spencer I for Defense. Rahim I was the first to protest, after he was not named a spot.


Rahim's Protest

After Parker I had not named Rahim I to a position, Rahim spoke out against this decision.

Joining of others on Rahim's side

Several protesters joined Rahim I, including Ibrahim I, and Nate I. Parker I turned to his political allies for help, but they remained neutral.

Fight on Secundomian Message Boards

Soon a fight raged with the President defending his choices and the protestors calling for his resignation. Parker I threatened the protestors with prosecution, telling them that their tactics of protest went against the constitution. He warned the protestors.

The President gives in

Soon Parker I gave in to the protestors demands. He gave each citizen positions in the cabinet. But when one citizen, Ibrahim I was not content with his position, he reacted in a way that had clearly violated Secundomian law, even some protestors admitted it. Parker I called a trial of Ibrahim.

Trial of Ibrahim I

The Trial of Ibrahim I was considered a landmark trial in Secundomian History. However, it is no longer considered this way, because of later actions that would change it's results. The Trial ended quickly, after the jury decided that Ibrahim was not guilty, even though he broke the constitution. This was condradictory to Secundomian law, and it showed that if the people wanted to break the law, they could. This caused a scare in the government, as it meant that Secundomia might decsend into complete anarchy.

Fighting continues

During the Trial of Ibrahim I, a dormant Secundomian citizen, the Empress of Atlan, returned to support Parker I in his attempt to put down the protestors. The protestors soon began attacking this citizen, and others who remained neutral after the trial. This was Secundomia's darkest hour. The Protest Group was then only 2 people who were "trolling" Secundomia. The President and some followers were determined to put a stop to this.

Exile of Rahim I, Conflict ends

Finally a majority group of Secundomian citizens affected by the Protest Group, including Spencer I, the Empress of Atlan, Parker I, and Luke of Secundomia issued a "temporary exile" of Rahim I, and a warning to Ibrahim. Both members of the group apologized for their actions. Rahim never returned.