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Butaiha is the capital of the Kingdom of Butaiha, with a population of 50 people

Butaiha street photo
(Capital Territory of Butaiha)


Short nameButaiha
DemonymButaiha citizen
- PresidentNone
Timofey Mitrukov
Established28 October 1922
Area claimed1.4km²
Population59 (as of 2002 census)
Time zoneMoscow Time
National sportSoccer
National animalEagle

The largest city and the most important center of the Kingdom of Butaiha


The main economic center of the Kingdom of Butaiha, the largest city of the republic

All the important buildings and structures in the republic are located here

There is no mayor of the city, but the position should appear in July-August 2021, but the city is governed by the president


The economy of Butaiha is quite weak, but there is a sawmill, and trucks regularly come to collect milk from local residents

Weather and Climate

The temperate continental climate of the Kingdom is characterized by warm summers and moderately cold winters. The warmest month of the year is July (+18...+20 °C), the coldest is January (-13... -14 °C). The absolute minimum temperature is -44... -48 °C (. Maximum temperatures reach +37...+42 °C. The absolute annual temperature difference (amplitude) reaches 80-90 °C.