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|legislature        = [[Congress of Burkland|Congress]]
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|type_a            = Type
|type_b            = Unicameral
|type_b            = Unicameral

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Marxist People's Republic of Burkland
Flag of Burkland (civil).pngCoat of arms of Burkland.png

Official language(s)Burklandi, German, English and Zealandian
Short nameBurkland
GovernmentDe facto authoritarian presidential republic
EstablishedJuly 9, 2011
Area claimednone
Population7 (members of Congress)
National animalDog

Burkland, officially the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland, refers to a variety of micronations run by Rachel that existed from July 9, 2011 and ended on May 27, 2018. Nominally committed to Marxism–Leninism and anti-imperialism, it exhibited an antagonistic foreign policy towards other micronations it viewed as "imperialist", desired complete independence, and opposed macronations it viewed as puppets of the United States. Politically, the micronation was dominated by the Communist Party with smaller parties playing an insignificant role.

The micronation was created after a backlash against the ComradeMr Republic adopting an ideology called Natlandism, which some viewed as a form of fascism and for which Rachel later admitted she had no idea what the ideology entailed. Throughout its existence, Burkland had an unstable identity. Starting as an Antarctic micronation, it later also had territorial claims it had some ability to control. It had close relations with Zealandia and Tiana, even to the point of allowing itself to be annexed by Zealandia. It was viewed as a pariah on the intermicronational stage due to Rachel's erratic behavior. After the annexation by Zealandia, Rachel's relations with the Zealandian government faltered, leading her to establish Legatia. The micronation divided itself into the Federal Territories and into two "autonomous socialist republics", Northern Burkland and Southern Burkland. Despite its claim to be socialist, the micronation had no actual economy and thus couldn't have social ownership over the means of productions.

It had a variety of institutions and laws, such as a nominal armed forces, that existed on the assumption that it could have sovereign authority. It even had laws relating to capital punishment. The micronation, however, had a strong record of supporting LGBT rights, thanks in large part to Rachel's own identity as third gender and pansexual (now as trans female and bisexual). Most laws and foreign policy decisions were made by Rachel herself with little or no input from other citizens. The other citizens were usually citizens of other micronations.

As Rachel grew up, she rejected Marxism–Leninism and started to find herself disinterested in micronationalism. Pressure from friends she met through micronationalism caused her to form the Burklandi government-in-exile, which mostly laid dormant. In 2018, she decided to end the MPRB once and for all, marking its official end date as May 27, 2018. She also deleted the Wordpress account for The Online Burklandi, the official newspaper of the micronation.

Rachel views this period in her life as an extremely immature period in her life. While she identifies as a libertarian Marxist and is active in macronational left-wing political organizations now, she views her political beliefs at the time as childish and not based on a genuine understanding of leftist politics. She also views some of the hostility towards her as based on her autism, depression, and gender issues. Indeed, before the MPRB officially dissolved, she criminalized Autism Speaks due to her desire to not be cured of her own autism. She wishes all records of Burkland could be destroyed forever.