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Federal City of Bundeshauptstadt
  Federal city  
The flag of Burkland in Bundeshauptstadt

Nickname(s): The Headquarters of Freedom
Motto: For the people, by the people, with our president listening
Map of Bundeshauptstadt and the WUSSR enclave Batesland
Country Flag of Legatia.png Legatia
Crown dependency Flag of Huma.png Huma
Founded February 17, 2012
Founder Matthew Burklandssen
2 sublocalities
  • People's Desk
  • Computer Centre
 - Mayor Matthew Burklandssen
Population (2012)
 - Total 1
Demonym Bundeshauptstadtite
Postal code 53012
Area code 27 (planned)

Bundeshauptstadt is the foreign affairs capital of Legatia which consists of all area of from the desk of the elder prince to the computer tower near the desk. The city's most famous attraction is the computer those visiting Burkland and the small mountain-like object made of clay called "Mt. Legatia" to non-tourists and non-residents, as this is the most reported about object by Legatia to those people. The city is landlocked by Legatia City and is close to the Patio. The city has an approximate area of 4.840277779 square feet. The city also borders the Western Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' enclave, Batesland. The city is notable as it was the capital of Burkland until Legatia's secession from Burkland.

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