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(Brandon's Legacy and Contributions)
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| office 1 = Król of Matachewan
| office 1 = Król of Matachewan
| assumed/in 1 = In
| assumed/in 1 = In
| date 1 = June 30th, 2015 - PresentEarly life
| date 1 = June 30th, 2015 - Present

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I personally ask that no one except for members of Matachewan or people associated with Matachewan do not edit this page. I ask this because this page has already been viewed by people who attempted to mess up the Matachewanian Wiki Page and that it took a lot for Brandon to put this back up here. Thank you - Brandon A Mierzwa

Król Brandon I, Emperor of the Commonwealth of Matachewan

Brandon Andrew Mierzwa
Official Photograph of His Majesty
Król of Matachewan
In office
June 30th, 2015 - Present
Król Brandon Mierzwa
Prime Ministerhttps:// Christopher Miller
Minister of Defense Beau Edwards
Predecessor Office established
Regent of Kraxar
In office
November 15th, 2019 - Present
Regent Brandon Mierzwa
Predecessor Xarca I
Emperor of the Commonwealth
In office
November 3rd, 2019 - Present
Emperor Brandon Mierzwa
Predecessor Office established
President of Niagara
Assumed office
August 1st, 2019 - November 11th, 2019
King Nicholas Lokin
President N/A
Vice President J743Pq
Predecessor Peter Warren
Successor N/A
Executive Council for the Vox Populi
In office
November 1st 2019 - Present
Chairman Robert of Elysium
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born June 30th, 2005
St. Catharines, Ontario
Citizenship Polish, Canadian, Matachewanian, Elysian, Niagaran
Nationality Polish
Ethnicity Polish-Canadian
Political party Monarchist Party of Matachewan
Residence St. Catharines
Religion Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Poland, Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth
Rank Head of State (Matachewan) Szeregowy (Poland)
Unit Member of the ZKRP i BWP, Former Commander in the ZHP, Honorary Szeregowy and Soon to be Szeregowy for the Polish Territorial Defense.

Before Micronationalism

Before the idea of Matachewan Brandon was living a simple life. He joined the ZHP or Polish Scouting Association and learned leadership goals and was in similar conditions like the military. After he resigned from the organization at the rank of Zastępowy. After his leaving he was just attending school as normal until he and a few friends wondered "how cool would it be to have a country?" and this question is what created the idea for Matachewan.

Micronationalism and Military Service


Military Service

The first form of service Brandon did was the ZHP. He swore on the Polish Flag stating "I shall serve God and Poland and fulfill my obligations, so help me God I will give my life, soul and blood to Poland." (Not word for word but along the lines of these words) This is what started it all and he still proudly wears the Cross he was given after he swore his life for his country.

The next form of military service was during the Matachewan Civil War when he fought in Matachewan's Royal Militia to end the political strife in the wonderful nation.

(Current) Currently Brandon is a Private in the Polish Armed Forces well a honorary private that represents the Polish-Canadian Veterans in St. Catharines. He was given his uniform on September 10th, 2018 and has attended many parades and events since. Brandon is also a member of the Związek Kombatantów RP i Byłych Więźniów Politycznych after his Great Grandfather requested Brandon represent him in parades and events.

(Future Service) Brandon has plans to join the Polish Territorial Defense once he turns 16.

Medals, Awards and Ranks



Polish Armed Forces

Extra Information

Political Views


Monarchical styles of
Brandon I
Mierzwa Monarchy.png
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty or Wasza Królewska Mość
Alternative style
Brandon Mierzwa in his Military Uniform given to him by his Great Grandfather Kapitan Stefan Mierzwa.

Brandon's Legacy and Contributions


"Everyone has the potential to be a leader they just need to find the key to unlock their potential" - Brandon A. Mierzwa 2019

Current Work

Currently Brandon is starting to work with multiple different micronational leaders to effectively put an end to "stupid" micronational wars. He is planning on creating a Convention in Matachewan to end unjustifiable and unfightable wars. He wishes to create an effective war system with a set of rules resembling Gentleman's War. He also wishes to educate all new micronationalists in doing the right things instead of doing the wrongs that many leaders before them did.