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| leader_party            =Dracul Dragon Party  
| leader_party            =Dracul Dragon Party  
| leader_title            = Mayor
| leader_title            = Mayor
| leader_name            = [[Hunter Prater]]
| leader_name            = ‘’Position Vacant’’
| unit_pref              =  
| unit_pref              =  
| area_footnotes          =  
| area_footnotes          =  

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Bran District
—  Capital City and Federal District  —
Bran House, the seat of Dracul federal governance, in the heart of Bran District


Nickname(s): "Bran house", "Heart of Dracul"
2019 map of Dracul including the location, size and general shape of Bran District
Country Commonweath of dracul2.png Commonwealth of Dracul
Established 5 July 2020
Administrative center Bran House
 - Mayor ‘’Position Vacant’’
Population (November 2020)
 - Total 11
Time zone GMT -5
Website https://www.draculgov.com/state-information

Bran District is the Capitol of the Commonwealth of Dracul, located in between the states of North and South Dracul. Bran District was once the capitol of North Dracul, but in July of 2020, the National Parliament found it was best and mostly fair for Bran to become similar to Washington DC. Since most of the resources were aimed at the capitol of Dracul, North Dracul received more benefits than South Dracul. Citizens of now have voting rights after a law was passed in parliament allowing Bran Citizens to vote. Bruce Cooper Was The 1st Mayor Of Bran And CHristopher Karper Was Deputy Mayor, Effective Novemeber 26th 2020 Chris Karper Assumed Office Of Bran, Due To Mr Coopers Resignation.