Brahmarakshas target

Brahmarakshas target, or Kill The Monster (KTM), is a playground game involving one player (who is called Brahmarakshas) chasing other players in an attempt to "zombify" them, by touching with a hand. It is the national sport of Vyomania. Players can hide within the playground. Nerf guns (without any darts) and bullets (darts) are hidden at different places. Other non-zombified players can give an 'antidote' to a zombified player by touching them and saying "Antidote injected!". The other players also have to find guns bullets and use them to 'kill' the Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas dies after hit by 10 bullets. The first one zombified during the game is "it" for the next round.

Brahmarakshas target
OriginEmpire of Vyomania
Setup time30 seconds to 1 minute
Players3 or more
Skill requiredRunning, stalking, hiding, observation
Playing timeno limit