Blecc Empire

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The Blecc Empire

Boredom Is Illegal Here
Manchester, UK
Capital cityTwentington
Largest cityTwentington
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Example
Short nameBlecc
- LawmongerBilly Neil
Area claimedSmalls.
Population3 (as of foundation)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportTaffle
National animalCrow

The Blecc Empire is a micronation based in Manchester, UK and founded on 27 October 2016. A successor to the Erephisian Technocracy, the nation is blatantly more absurdist than its predecessor.


Blecc was founded on 27 October 2016 after a great stretch of silence resulting from a failed attempt of revitalizing the severely flagging Technological Federation of Erephisia into the simpler Erephisian Technocracy.

Government and politics

The government is an empire, made up, as its predecessor Erephisia was, of several smaller nations all acting under the same banner. However instead of any attempt of democracy, founder Billy Neil runs it as head of state and government, acting as a truncated form of monarch known as a Lawmonger.