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Bepis Dollar
Official usersFlag of Bepistan.svg Bepistan
Pegged to1$ USD
PluralBepis Dollars
Banknotes3 ED, 16 ED, 27 ED, 44 ED, 86 ED, 101 ED, 222 ED, 666 ED
Central bankExample Bank
PrinterExample Printers
MintMint of Example

The Bepis Dollar' (sign: BP; code: BPS) was created on 5 October 2018, at the time the Kingdom of Bepistan was founded.


The name Bepis Dollar comes from a shortened form of the nations name (Bepis), and the form of currency, the Dollar.




The Bepis Dollar does not come in coins, only banknotes.



Exchange rates

The Bepis Dollar is currently equivalent to 1$ USD.

Legal status

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