Bellumist Nation

The Bellumist Nation is a theocratic state on the border of the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst. It was formed in the midst of The September War. It is led by the Prophet of the Bellumist religion, Jackob.

Bellumist Nation

Flag of the Kingdom of the Spiral.png

God, Prophet, Spiral
Capital cityGreen City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Bellumism
GovernmentTheocratic Absolute monarchy
- Head of StateLord Vice Admiral Eren Scott
- Commander of the Defenders of the SpiralLord Vice Admiral Eren Scott
Disestablished5th November, 2015
Time zoneEST



Originally, the area surrounding and in the Bellumist Nation was settled in by the Pocumtuck Indians. Artifacts found in the area are dated 7,000 to 9,000 BC. They lived in a farming-hunting society, gathering and planting crops as well as fishing. They were wiped out by the Mohawks, leaving it uninhabited. The area was an important part of the North American trade traveling into New York. In the late 1600's, it was colonized by the English. According to Bellumist records, the towns around the area played little part in the war of Independence. In 2014, a micronation was founded just on the border of what would become the Bellumist Nation.


In September 2015, the Republic of New Elmhurst was sent into a state of civil war, after military officials overthrew the President after his announcement that the country would become a Democracy. A few days into the war, many of the New Elmhurstian provinces declared their independence, including Frisbella, which was in Western New Elmhurst. Frisbella declared itself the 'Kingdom of the Spiral', with the Republican leader Eren Scott as the King. When the civil war ended, the forces of the Kingdom still occupied the province, until the 19th of October, when they left New Elmhurstian land, including the Spiral. The land to the West of New Elmhurst was declared the 'Bellumist Nation' by Jackob.


The Nation was disestablished by the leader on the 5th of November.


With the most holy location to Bellumists, the Spiral of Mankind being located just across the border in the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst, negotiations occured between the leader and King of New Elmhurst, which concluded that the Spiral would be owned by New Elmhurst, but Governed by the Bellumist Nation.


The Bellumist Nation is a rather urbanized nation, being located over a college. Many roads and parking lots exist within the borders of the Bellumist Nation, as well as many buildings. There is a single small pond located just around the heart of the nation. To the North, as well as the West, the Nation is surrounded completely by woods, to the East, the fields of New Elmhurst, and to the south a small American village. The Bellumist Nation is split into seven districts.

Map of the Bellumist Nation as of October the 19th.


The Climate of the Bellumist Nation is identical to the climate of Western Massachusetts. That is, a humid continental climate. Summers are usually hot and muggy, while winters are cold and dry.



Bellumism comes from the Latin word "Ending". This symbolizes that Bellumism is the religion to end all religions, the final religion.

Early history

According to Bellumists tradition, the world was created ten thousand years ago by God. He created the entire universe in a spiral fashion, starting in one point, and then continuing inward, ending at the Holy Spiral of Creation. The human being was created on the fist day, and was placed in a spiral similar, though smaller then the Spiral of Creation. It was called the Spiral of Mankind. This first man was called Adam, and has been recorded by all major religions. However, according to Bellumists tradition, instead of being exiled from the Garden of Eden, which Bellumists say the land around New Elmhurst was, he lived and died there. As humankind expanded and grew, the holiness of the garden died off, until it became as sinful and regular as the land. The holiness of the garden was brought back up to Paradise by God.

Primiative Bellumist art showing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Modern History

When the Spiral was discovered by New Elmhurstian officials, Spiralism was declared a religion. Several New Elmhurstian theological officials began to study it, and draft a history of it. President Lewis was made the Keeper of the Spiral. Many Prophets, according to Bellumist teachings were sent to the Earth.On the first of September, 2015, the Keeper of the Spiral changed his title to "Grand Priest of the Two Spirals", after the discovery of a second Spiral in Vermont. Spiralist doctrine was changed radically, with the belief that God had created two spirals, with one representing the creation of the universe, and the other representing the creation of mankind. This second spiral was visited by Lewis two years prior on a school trip. He did not know at that point of it's actual meaning. On the 3rd of September, Lewis was scheduled to take a pilgrimage to the land.

A map of the land promised to Jackob


The Bellumist Nation is a particular hotpot for sporting events, most hosted and played by citizens in the neighboring United States and New Elmhurst. Ultimate Frisbee, as well as soccer are incredibly popular in the Bellumist Nation.


District map of the Bellumist Nation


The Bellumist Armed Forces are called the 'Defenders of the Spiral', and are usually armed with boffers, or foam swords. The military is tasked with defending the borders of the Nation, administering justice, and if necessary defending the Spiral itself. The Defenders of the Spiral are led by the Commander of the Defenders of the Spiral.


The Commander is the leader of the Armed forces, and commands the Chiefs of all ranks. The second highest position is that of the Chief Protector, who leads the Protectors, the elite forces of the Army. High protectors are Protectors who lead divisions. The Chief Keeper leads the Keepers, who are more experienced and skilled soldiers. Finally, there is the Chief Defender, who leads the Defenders, which are the main force of the Armed forces.

Commander of the Defenders of the Spiral
Chief Protector
High Protector
Chief Keeper
High Keeper
Chief Defender
High Defender