Being Born Twelve Times

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Being Born Twelve Times
Directed byZarel Smith
Produced byZarel Smith
Written byZarel Smith
StarringZarel Smith
Edited byZarel Smith
Classical Claw Films (distribution)
Release date
30 June 2019
Running time
1 minute
Country New Eiffel

Being Born Twelve Time is a 2019 New Eiffelic surrealist short film created, directed and produced by Zarel Smith. The film was later distributed by the now defunct Classical Claw Films, which was also their first film distributed. The film also stars Smith as the only actor. The film is about "...the story of the Post-World War II economic boom and the financial crisis of 2007–2008, and what it is like growing up poor in a capitalist society". The film was released on 30 June 2019, and was not intended for mainstream audiences.



The first video was filmed sometime in the middle of June 2019. The footage was than edited and a black and white filter was added. The video was later scraped. The final video which would be used was filmed on an iPhone 7 at 240 frames per second on 30 June 2018, on the same day as the films release. The same editing process was also used for the new footage.


The idea came to Smith a few weeks prior while he starting taking an interest in the surrealist film genre. Smith said that the film was not made directly to criticise Capitalism, but instead highlight the hardships of work some people face.

Release and legacy

The film was released on 30 June 2019. Later releases were distributed by Classical Claw Films. The film is often credited to what kickstarted the modern surrealism era in New Eiffelic cinema. Smith has said it is a symbol of his surrealist filmography.

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