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Befshirian Broadcasting company

The Befshirian broadcasting company(BFBC) Is the national broadcasting company

Befshirian Broadcasting Company



The Company was formed in late 2017, to serve as the leading news outlet in the kingdom.

The Chess deal

In 2017 the BFBC brought the rights to the National Chess Leauge off the Befshirian Chess Association on a 3 year contract starting with the 2018 season.

The Football deal

In early 2018 the Kingdom of Befshire Football Association sold their broadcasting rights to the BFBC on a 3 year Contract.


The company operate through YouTube and it's news website.

The times

The Befshirian Times is the BFBCs digital newspaper


The BFBC has a news show on its channel and presents the news through The Befshirian Times

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