Baustralian sergeant major

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Baustralian chief petty officer
WO Jonathan Fairbank

since 27 September 2020
Defence Council of Baustralia
Member of His Royal Air Force
Reports toChief of the Defence Staff
Inaugural holderThe Duke of Tremur

The Baustralian sergeant major (BSM; general term) or Baustralian chief petty officer (CPOB; navy) is the most senior non-commissioned officer of the Baustralian Forces. He is the non-commissioned member deputy of the Chief of the Defence Staff. The current BSM is Warrant officer Jonathan Fairbank.

Ranks and insignia

The BSM wears the royal coat of arms surrounded by a wreath. The wreath is gold in navy and army dress, while it is silver in air force dress. The BSM also wears an embroidered coat of arms of Baustralia as their cap badge. The BAFCWO holds the rank of Warrant officer (WO). Army BSMs wear the uniform of a general officer, without pips and crowns, and ranks on both sides.

Rank insignia of BSMs
Rank Insignia Title Branch NATO code
Warrant officer Baustralia HRN OR-9d.svg Baustralian chief petty officer  His Royal Navy OR-9d
Baustralia Army OR-9d.svg Baustralian sergeant major  Baustralian Army
Baustralia HRAF OR-9d.svg Baustralian sergeant major  His Royal Air Force

List of appointment holders

Rank Name As Held
CWO the Duke of Tremur Baustralian Armed Forces Chief warrant officer 27 November 2018 – 3 June 2019
CPO1 Greg Watts Baustralian Armed Forces Chief warrant officer 3 June 2019 – 10 June 2020
WO Baustralian chief petty officer
Baustralian sergeant major
WO Kaylyn Smith Baustralian chief petty officer 10 June 2020 – 25 September 2020
WO Jonathan Fairbank Baustralian sergeant major 25 September 2020 –