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| status      = Ongoing
| status      = Ongoing
| combatants_header =  
| combatants_header =  
| combatant1  = {{ubl|[[File:Flag of the Republic of Baustralia.svg|border|23px|link=|alt=]] Republic of Baustralia|{{flagdeco|Rmhoania}} Underground Alliance}}
| combatant1  = {{ubl|[[File:Flag of the Republic of Baustralia.svg|border|23px|link=|alt=]] Republic of Baustralia {{Surrendered}}|{{flagdeco|Rmhoania}} Underground Alliance}}
| combatant2  = {{flag|Baustralia}}
| combatant2  = {{flag|Baustralia}}
| commander1  = {{ubl
| commander1  = {{ubl

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Baustralian Civil War
Date22 April 2020 – present
London, Baustralia
Status Ongoing
  • Republic of Baustralia  Surrendered
  • Underground Alliance
Commanders and leaders

The Baustralian Civil War is a civil war in the Baustralian Empire starting on 22 April 2020, fought between the revolutionary Republic of Baustralia and the revolutionary monarchist Underground Alliance. The civil war began primarily as a result of the controversial prerogative of His Majesty the King.


It was started as an attempt to gain the Baustralian throne after discussing what laws had to be modified in order to bind the King of Baustralia by law in accordance with the Monarchy (Immunity) Act. After seeing that the Act stated that laws had to be modified to explicitly state they bound the King, the Underground Alliance, the party of four and the defendants, tried to try him for criminal mischief. After they were made aware that treason was not yet a charge that bound the King, they uprose and declared a rebellion along with the Viscount Parker. After being tried for and charged with treason or high treason and conspiring to commit mutiny in Rex v. Greenson, they declared civil war.