Barony of Rosewood

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Barony of Rosewood

Duchy of Edmount, Überstadt
Official language(s)English, Spanish
Short nameRosewood
- BaronessKara of Überstadt

The Barony of Rosewood, commonly referred to as Rosewood, is a political subdivision and the capital of the Kingdom of Überstadt. It was declared as such on 19 February 2013 by King Adam's first royal decree. Rosewood has a population of four, making it the most populated part of Überstadt. It is the home of both the king and the Prime Minister.


Rosewood's name is derived from multiple sources, all relating to the barony's foliage. Roses were raised in the Residency's front garden for many years until their relatively recent removal. Despite the digging up of the plants' roots, two volunteer rose bushes have grown in their place. Besides the presence of actual roses, Rosewood gained its name in part due to the rich shades of red that the leaves of the western trees turn in the autumn.


Rosewood shares the early history of the other parts of Überstadt, having originally been populated by the Snohomish tribe and settled by White loggers in the nineteenth century. The house now known as the Royal Residency was built during either the 1950s or 1960s in the wake of the postwar baby boom. It was purchased by King Adam's expectant parents in 1994, and has been the monarch's childhood home since. The grounds of the house have been supplemented over the years by assorted gardens and outbuildings, and the Residency itself was expanded over several years during the 2000s to its present size and layout.


Rosewood is located three and a half miles east of Puget Sound and within the climatic convergent zone of the northern sound, which makes it prone to overcast, and often wet, weather. East of the Residency, native trees and shrubs rise prominently above the grass, but the western zone is vegetated by introduced ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as by extensive mossy growth among the grass. The royal gardens are also found to the west. The northern and eastern borders are bound by fences, while the southern and western borders are not obstructed in any way.


Because the entirety of Rosewood's permanent population consists of the Royal Family, the barony is not very diverse. All residents of Rosewood are descended primarily from Germanic peoples and speak English as their native language. Half the population also speaks Spanish with varying degrees of competence. In terms of religion, all residents are Latter-day Saints.


Rosewood is the economic center of Überstadt, being home to the Bank of Rosewood and the site of most internal commerce, as well as the locale from which international transactions occur.