Barony of Olislelia

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Barony of Olislelia
Baronato di Olislelia(Italian)

Olislelia flag.pngOlislelia coatofarms.png

Labor, et sapientia comparari.
(Latin: Labour and wisdom alike)
Hej Oliani
Capital cityLurolo
Largest citycapital
Official language(s)
  • Italian
  • Serbian
  • German
  • Russian
Official religion(s)
  • Irreligious (90%)
  • Catholic (9%)
  • Orthodox (1%)
DemonymOlislelians (it: Oliani)
GovernmentUnitary Totalitarian Monarchy
- BaronFriedrich von Breznev
- First CouncilourAchille Baldi
- Councilor for defence and Chief of StaffFalco Ubaldo de Panfilis
- Upper HouseOlislelian Supreme Council
- Number of seats - (around) 10
Established6 January 2019
Time zoneUTC +1
National dishFilled Peppers
National animalThe dog
Patron saintSt. Barbara

Government's Site[1]

The Barony of Olislelia (it: Baronato di Olislelia) is an Italian micronation situated in the central Latium region of Italy. Olislelia measures 350 square metres (3,800 sq ft) and an altitude of 420 metres (1,380 ft) above sea level.

The territory and the climate

Climate and Surroundings

Olislelia is situated near the top of Monte Raschio, which is part of the Natural Reserve of Bracciano-Martignano. The climate is continental: There are abundant snowfalls and Rain during the winter; Summer, instead, is hot and sultry. Olislelia is not bathed by any sea, but an artificial canal is under construction.


Altough the juvenility of the nation, there are still some events that sign the history of Olislelia.


Mycusian war

On 4 April 2019, the Baron von Breznev declared war to Caredolci, joining the Mycusian Conflict, wich ended in a victory for the Mycusian coalition.