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Banqe de Pannonie

Banqe de Pannonie
English: Bank of Pannonia
Established: 16 November 2011
CEO: Ádám Szatmári
Commercial bank of: Republic of Pannonia
Currency: Pannonian Florin (Floryn de Pannonie)

The Banqe de Pannonie (English: Pannonian Bank, also refered to as simply BP) is the central and main commercial bank within the Republic of Pannonia. It was established on 16 November 2011 by the Presidency of Pannonia. The nation's currency, the Pannonian Florin was founded the same day, which suggests that the purpose of the establishment of Banqe the Pannonie was to create an organisation that can be made responsible for issuing and handling the new florin. In addition, the bank is also in charge of dealing with finance-based foreign affairs, with the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministēre des᷇ Affeer' Etranjēr', also MAE).

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