Bank of Hashima

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Hashimai Bank HU
Banca di Hashima IT
Bank of Hashima EN
Type Government-owned corporation
Industry Banking financial services
Founded 28 September 2014
Founder Principality of Hashima
Area Served Principality of Hashima
Key People Alessandra Scolti, Director-General
Since 20 June 2015
Services banking, financial services, loans,
savings, third-party logistics
Operating Income US$ ????? (2015)
Net Income US$ ????? (2015)
Owner Principality of Hashima
Number of employees ????? (2015)
Official Email

The Bank of Hashima (Hungarian: Hashimai Bank, Italian: Banca di Hashima) is the national bank of the Principality of Hashima, founded in 28 September 2014.

It is property of the Government of the Principality of Hashima and provides banking financial services inside the Micronation.
The Bank of Hashima is not active, and its full implementation is not expected in a near future.