Bank of Hashima

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(CN) 雪蛤银行
(CN - Pinyin) Xuěhá Yínháng
(EN) Bank of Hashima
Type Government-owned corporation
Industry Banking financial services
Founded 28 September 2014
Founder People's Republic of Hashima
Headquarters Hashima (People's Republic of Hashima)
Area Served People's Republic of Hashima
Key People Tao Sun,Director-General
since 28 September 2014
Services banking financial services,loans,savings,third-party logistics
Operating Income US$ ????? (2015)
Net Income US$ ????? (2015)
Owner People's Republic of Hashima
Number of employees ????? (2015)
Website Under maintenance
Official Email

The Bank of Hashima (Chinese: 雪蛤银行) is the national bank of the People's Republic of Hashima.
It was founded in 28 September 2014.
It is property of the Government of the People's Republic of Hashima,and provice banking financial services for the whole micronation.