Bank of Flevelt

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Bank of Flevelt
Governor and Company

Headquarters Grand Minting House, Pavia, Flevelt

Currency Gold plate and paper Ducat
Currency Code FGD/FPD

Chamber Governor Ryan of Millbrook
Comptroller Kyle of Hesslin

Establishment 2016


The Bank of Flevelt, formally the Governor and Company of the Bank of Flevelt, is the central bank of the Confederation of Flevelt.


The Fleveltic government owns and controls the Bank of Flevelt. The bank is nominally run by the Governor of the Treasury Chamber, also called the Chamber Governor who is appointed by the High President and the Regent jointly. The Comptroller is appointed by the High Council of Flevelt and is charged with the day to day running of the bank and the minting of currency. A loan can be made though the bank but such transactions are rarely made because the main responsibility of the bank is to act as the central mint.