Bank of Fabroland

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The Fabroland bank is the main body for the management of money and assets of the republic of Fabroland

Bank of Fabroland
EX Government-owned company, now Banca di Luxe S.p.A.
FateFabrizio Bortolotti
SuccessorLuca mirante
FounderFabrizio Bortolotti
Area served
Key people
Luca mirante CEO
ServicesOpening of bank accounts, banknote production, traceability, financial management
L 0 ($ 13.45) (FY 2018-19)
L 10'000 ($ 1.81) (FY 2018-19)


The bank was founded in 2016, when Fabroland was created. The bank start the production of Fax. In the years, the bank works in "black" because there wasn't control for the restrict population. In October 2019, Luca Mirante, the CEO of the Banca di Luxe S.p.A. announces that the Bank of Fabroland became part of the Banca di Luxe's Group. Now, all the actions are tracked and now Fabroland is recovering from the crisis.