Banca di Luxe S.p.A.

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The luxe bank is the first Luxe banking company and is the first company to be listed on the stock exchange..

Banca di Luxe S.p.A.
Government-owned company
FounderLuca mirante
Key people
Luca mirante CEO
ServicesPaying salaries, opening bank accounts, loans
L 150'500 ($ 16.81) (FY 2018-19)
L 10'000 ($ 1.81) (FY 2018-19)
DivisionsBanca di Luxe Banca di Secondo Luxese Bank of Fabroland Fidel Banca Group


The Luxe bank was founded in 2010 by its president Luca mirante. He founded it, because he wanted to create his own currency. At first the bank had a small office in the capital, and it had Loid distributors in the city. In the years the bank was the principal company of Luxe.


The bank grew a lot, and today for its earnings, it is the first company on the stock exchange. She officially joined the Battle of the stock exchange.