Bailey von Hindenburg

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The Right Honourable
Bailey von Hindenburg
Governor General of The Corales
Assumed office
May 8th, 2020
Sovereign Maximilian
Predecessor Office established
4th Chancellor of Lilylandia
In office
October 2nd, 2017 - April 15th, 2018
Monarch Lily I
Predecessor Sir Edward von Elephänburger (Acting)
Successor Winston P. Koala (Acting)
Personal Information
Birth name Edward von Elephänburger
Citizenship Lilylandian, Austrian
Political party Partido Realista
Religion Lutheran

Bailey von Hindenburg is an active conservative politician, writer, and Governor General of The Corales. He was the 4th Chancellor of Lilylandia. He is the founder of the Partido Realista (Royalist Party)

As the leader of the Royalist Party, Hindenburg has pressed for the foundation of a Plush Monarchy independent of that of Doggenburg's Monarchy. Members of the Royalist Movement have even called for him to become the Monarch of the Corales.

Early Life

Hindenburg was born in Orlando. He grew up in an Amusement Park for a few weeks before moving North. He became a businessman and began to rise the ranks in the company Folkel Inc. ran by Ernst Folkel. He made his Fortune through become the top Legal Official in the company. He then left Folkel to start his own legal business called Bailey & Bailey. This business venture eventually went bankrupt. Soon after the bankruptcy, Hindenburg endeavored in politics.

Political Career

In January 2017, Hindenburg appeared for the first time on the Ballot for Member of Parliament.

Personal Life

Hindenburg is currently in a Romantic relationship with Madelyn Blackberry. They are told to be very close.