Baffin Republic

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Baffin Republic

Capital cityLagoa Island
Official language(s)English, Baffish
Established2 November 2019
Time zoneGMT


Coat of Arms

The Baffin Republic is a micronation created by Lawrence Martin on 2/11/2019 with his friends. after his claim of the Lagoan Isles and Baffins Pond were rejected by Portsmouth City Council, he planned an invasion, however, he wrote "soap" instead of "so" in his tweet, which he made the nation's motto.


Flag of the Baffin Republic

The flag is a 4:1 ratio, with a teal background and three interlinked circles in the middle. The three circles represent the isles, and their unity, and the teal represents the pond. in which they are located.


The nation has its main lands at the Lagoan Isles in the Baffins area of Portsmouth, near Fratton. It also has small pockets of land in West Molesey and Camberley in Surrey, where the founders' back gardens are.