Backshlema War

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The Backshlema War is a war between the nations of Jahootsawhatsit and The Most Serene Peoples Democratic Republic of the Provinces and Greater Confederates of Henristan. The war began with a trade dispute after the failed Backshlema Convention.

Beginning of Conflict Tensions

The conflict tensions began when two political entities known as The House of Cheshire and The House of Benigno came into dispute over trade. The House of Cheshire was asking The House of Benigno to give them supplies. Upon this The House of Benigno refused to give The House of Cheshire any resources causing The House of Cheshire out rage, to declare war. While this message was being sent an agent of Henristan intercepted the message. Once the message was received by the Premier of Henristan Dr. Henry Blankenship J.D. he immediately declared war on both houses, planning on letting them play out their war and then taking the ruins of their holdings. This was some of the exact wording that the Premier used in his dispatch to his Chief of Defense, but while it was en route it was intercepted by a agent of Jahootsawhatsit. Immediately following Jahootsawhatsit's President declared war on Henristan and The House of Benigno siding with House of Cheshire.

Backshlema Convention

The day after the full war began Henristan hosted a Convention to solve all of the problems and put an end to the war. The treaty stated that House of Cheshire would get financial aid from Henristan if it agreed to call Jahootsawhatsit down. The House of Cheshire's king signed and agreed to all of the terms, but as the leaders were leaving the Convention Jahootsawhatsit's President ripped up the treaty screaming war now war forever. After the failed convention The House of Cheshire joined the Henristani forces.

Resolution and Aftermath

On March 18, 2019 Jahootsawhatsit officially surrendered ending the war. The Leader of Jahootsawhatsit said "I feel outnumbered, this is unfair" and then reluctantly sign a peace treaty. In the terms of the treaty Henristan annexed Jahootsawhatsit and it was planned to be annexed into henristan as the Backshlema Victory territory but Blankenship cancelled the plans in early 2020 as part of his anti war efforts in the government.