Award - Meritorious 1.

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Award - Meritorious 1.
Award - Meritorious 1.jpg
The Medal
Awarded by Empire Huai Siao
CountryEmpire Huai Siao
Typenobility , people
EligibilityAnyone who has contributed to the Empire Huai Siao State or Micronational world
Awarded forCivilian merit
StatusCurrently constituted
EstablishedMarch 18, 2019
Next (higher)Award - Meritorious 2.
Next (lower)Award - Honorable Lords

Award - Meritorious 1 is ideal for anyone with a peerage, was established on March 18, 2562.

To be given

Every 3 months will be named the recipient of this medal through the Advisory Council presented a petition to the Emperor consider.

  • Person is a good person to be moral.

Who received the

  • don'have yet