Avienta (city)

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Coat of arms
State Avienta
Founder Jonas Rhymer
 - Mayor Jonas Rhymer

Avienta, officially the City of Avienta, is the capital city of the Republic of Wendatia. Aventa consists of a house and garage, with its current mayor being Jonas Rhymer, the incumbent President of Wendatia. It is heavily inspired by the city of Detroit


The name "Avienta" has no meaning. It was derived from Jonas Rhymer's old NationStates capital.


The Area that is now Avienta was mainly forests and swampland before being settled. When the city of Royal Oak was being developed as a small farming community, many people who have previously thought of areas north of Detroit as harsh swamplands began setting up farms in the area. During the 1910s, with the opening of the Ford Highland Park Plant, most of the farmland was sold off and became subdivisions. The area was then incorporated as a village in the early 1920s. After World War II, the village's population began increasing, and since the great depression gave way to the incorporation into a city, the area began highly developing.