Avatic Republic of Valdstein

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Avatic Republic of Valdstein
République avatique du Valdstein(French)

2017[[File:Jailavera flag 2020.png|30px|link=Republic of Jailavera|alt=]]

Flag of Avatic Republic of Valdstein.png

Nothing (de jure)
Capital cityVallier-le-Touret
Official language(s)French, Esperanto
Official religion(s)None
Short nameAvatic Valdstein (Valdstein avatique in french)
DemonymAvatic (Avatique)
- President of RepublicLeopold Deuff
Area claimedkm²
Population1 (as of 2017 census)
CurrencyAvatic Dirna (Dirna avatique in french)

Avatic Valdstein (in French Valdstein avatique), officially the Avatic Republic of Valdstein (in French République avatique du Valdstein), was a socialist micronation founded on the 16th of April 2017 by Leopold Deuff, wich claims a house in Martigues. Its goals is to become the all workers paradise.


The name Avatic Valdstein come from the Beethoven's w:'''Piano Sonata No. 21''' in w:C major, Op. 53, known as the Waldstein, and the Avatics (in french "Avatiques"), Gallic celto-ligurian people wich had founded Maritima Avaticorum, today Martigues.

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