Authority of Vilthian Transports

The Authority of Vilthian Transports (ATV) is an agency of the Decracy of Vilthia, with different tasks:

  • The regulation of the transport sector and of the access to the relative infrastructures, the definition of minimum quality levels of services and the definition of minimum user rights towards operators;
  • Verification of infrastructures and servicse security requirements;
  • The issuing of driving licenses, license plates and vehicle registrations;
  • If necessary, the direct management of infrastructure and transport services.
Autorità dei Trasporti Vilthiani
Authority of Vilthian Transports

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Part of Central Protectorate
Department of Interior
Established 29 July 2007
Sector Transports
Country Vilthia
Director Nicholas Odoricis
General Information
Headquarters Ildha