Ausverian Volkssturm

The Ausverian Volkssturm is an Ausverian paramilitary group only activated during emergencies such as natural disasters, wars, and civil unrest.

Ausverian Volkssturm
Flag of the Volkssturm
ActiveSeptember 23rd, 2020 - Present
AllegianceAusverian Reichswehr
RoleTo defend Ausveria, the Fatherland Party and the Ausverian People
SizeAny man above 12 not in the regular army
GarrisonEvery Inhabited Ausverian Territory
Engagements2021 Brittany Riot


It was officially formed on September 23rd, 2020 by executive order of Chancellor Fredrick M., the organization is only activated during emergencies and under normal circumstances has no active personnel.

Brittany Riot

On February 14th, 2021 the Ausverian Volkssturm was deployed for the first time to get the crowd to disperse during a riot in the Capital.

Ausverian Civil War

During the Ausverian Civil War the Volkssturm had multiple members desert and either refuse to fight or join rebel factions, the majority of the organization however remained loyal and fought for the Ausverian Loyalists.


The Ausverian Volkssturm is poorly equipped with any available gear that can be found, the only standardized equipment is the armbands members are issued, one other piece of equipment that is also commonly issued but is not universal is a Moleskin sidecap.