Ausverian Loyalists

The Ausverian Loyalist faction was the portion of the Ausverian militarty that remained loyal to the party after the start of the Ausverian Cvil War on March 21st 2021

Ausverian Loyalist faction
ActiveMarch 21st 2021 - Present
AllegianceFredrick M.
PatronSt. Micheal
EquipmentAirsoft guns
EngagementsBattle of Brittany


The Ausverian Loyalist faction first formed on March 21st 2021 when the Ausverian civil war began. The first action it was involved in was the Battle of Brittany in which Secessionist forces attack the Ausverian Capital.


Loyalist forces were usually identified by armbands which are either pre war Ausverian Volkssturm armbands or just plain blue strips of cloth wrapped around their arm. Additionally the Loyalists also use pre war flags and symbols of Ausveria.