Australis and the Cupertino Alliance

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The Unified Royal States of Australis and the Cupertino Alliance
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Cupertino Alliance membership
Since15 July 2020

Australis is a major member of the Cupertino Alliance, having held membership since July 2020.

Application and Acceptance

Australis was accepted as a full member of the Cupertino Alliance on 15 July 2020, after applying to join the Alliance on 8 July 2020. A total of nine delegates voted on admission for Australis into the Cupertino Alliance. It was unanimously agreed upon that Australis be accepted as a member, with eight delegates supporting full membership and one delegate supporting observership.

Results of Australissian membership vote
Options Votes
In favour 8
Against 0
Abstaining 0
Observership then redecide on 18 July 1


Initially, the only delegate for Australis to the Cupertino Alliance from its acceptance until 14 September, around two months later, when Xavier Joubert, at the time, the Minister for Defence of Australis, was appointed. About a month later, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and later second Chancellor of Australis, Patrick Kenny, was appointed as the nations third delegate, filling all three delegate positions permitted for member states of the Cupertino Alliance.

Delegate Position Date Appointed
Hamilton Official Portrait 2020.png
Daniel Hamilton
Minister of Asian and Oceanian Affairs
Delegate to Australis
15 July 2020
Xavier Joubert
Delegate to Australis 14 September - 29 November 2020
Patrick Kenny.jpg
Patrick Kenny
Delegate to Australis 13 October 2020
Casper von Naveria
Delegate to Australis 29 November 2020