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{{Infobox military conflict
{{Infobox military conflict
| conflict    = Austral-Naverian War
| conflict    = Austral-Naverian War

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Austral-Naverian War
Date6 December 2020 - 15 July 2021
Constantia; online venues
Result Australissian victory
 • Commonwealth of Naveria dissolved
 Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Commanders and leaders
HRM Daniel I
Max Baez
HRH Casper I
Christina I of Cycoldia
Cristian Dobrev
2 3

The Austral-Naverian War is an ongoing tongue-in-cheek conflict between Australis and Naveria, with the ultimate goal of Australis annexing Naveria.


Australissian Goals

  • Incorporation of Naveria as a territory of Australis

Naverian Goals

  • Continuation of Naverian independence