Austin island house of delegates

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General Information

The Austin Island House of Delegates is the lower body of the Austin Island Congress. The House of Delegates powers are to vote on relief packages if one is proposed, the house of delegates can filibuster a bill (or 60% of the delegates vote on the bill). The House of Delegates has the power to vote to bring impeachable charges to the King if he is accused of political wrongdoing. The Speaker of the House of Delegates has the power to call for an emergency session if a bill is on a strict time limit, or the King can call for a government shutdown at midnight that day if the bill is not passed in a strict and timely manner. The Speaker of the Delegates can also call for a quorum (51% of the Delegates) to vote and a 3/5 majority of the quorum would make sure the bill would pass. The House of Delegates meets either at the house of the speaker or virtually on a video call.


Current seating of the austin island house of delegates.svg
Party No. of Seats
Moderate Conservative Independents 37
Liberal Socialist Independents 7

Major bills passed by the Austin Island House of Delegates

Bill Name Votes
Austin Island Standardization Act 19-13
Austin Island Taxation Act 39-5
30 million unit coronavirus stimulus package 44-0
Anti Price Gouging and Advantage Act 19-23
Revision of Anti Price Gouging and Advantage Act 31-2
Austin Island Telecommunications Act 18-1 (Passed in Quorum)
Medical Marijuana Act 14-9 (Passed in Quorum)

Length of Sessions and Pay

The length of a session in the House of Delegates varies as the King can instruct the Speaker to immediately host and emergency session.