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Ausshaffen is a city in central Klaise. Ausshaffen is the second largest city in Klaise and is the largest by area. The city is a crossroads for Klaise. As it is in the central portion of the nation and the central city of the state of Sandyshire. Major routes of the outskirts of the city are Speedway 1, Speedway 3, Speedway 4 and Speedway 5 while the only inner city speedway that serves central Ausshaffen is Speedway 11.

Ausshaffen was formed in 2005 as a trailer park. In 2007, a house was built and the city was named Playa. Until 2011, the city was a trailer park and nothing else. After the November War, the city was renamed to Ausshaffen. Then, demand for flat land to build on came and the city got a boom, then Speedway 1 was built to serve Monomew and Ausshaffen. Then in 2012, Speedway 4 was made for a east-west link from Felixshire to Deltacrux. In 2013, Ausshaffen and Portland were linked by Speedway 3. And the final speedway to be constructed was Speedway 5 to link Ausshaffen and southern Klaise to the northern areas and the November Metro.