August War

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August War
Defend The VISSR! Poster.png
Date August 5th, 2019 - August 17th, 2019
Location Twitter, Discord

Flag of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic.svg VISSR

Kingdom of Frelands Flag.png Kingdom of Frelands


Flag of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic.svg Comrade Dustinov

Kingdom of Frelands Flag.png Frelands Monarchy

7 N/A
Casualties and losses
0 0

The August War was a brief micronational war fought between the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic and the Kingdom of Frelands from August 5th, 2019 to August 17th, 2019.

After several days of rising tensions with the Kingdom of Frelands, the VISSR received a ultimatum from the Frelands Monarchy on July 29th, 2019 demanding the immediate surrender of the VISSR government. After the VISSR refused to comply, Frelands issued a formal declaration of war on August 5th, 2019. Following an attempted cyber attack which Frelands assumed responsibility for, a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the VISSR was hastily convened to discuss a course of action. The Island Liberation Army was founded by General Secretary Comrade Dustinov, and organized into 3 military service branches in order to mount an effective defense against the Frelands attackers.

The following conflict was to become known as the August War, a series of mutual condemnations between the VISSR and Kingdom of Frelands, as well as threats of economic sanctions by both parties. Despite these threats, no actual conflict ever took place. Due to the fact that no armistice or peace treaty was ever signed, the two nations remain in a technical state of war to this day.