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*[[File:Republic_of_Starland.jpg|25px|border]] General Nik Hart
*[[File:Republic_of_Starland.jpg|25px|border]] General Nik Hart
*[[File:Uslssrflag.png|25px|border]] [[Alex Whitmarsh]]
*[[File:Uslssrflag.png|25px|border]] [[Alex Ulbricht]]
*[[File:KOL.png|25px|border]] [[Chance Anderson]]
*[[File:KOL.png|25px|border]] [[Chance Anderson]]

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Atlantis Civil War Campaign Medal

Awarded by the Republic of Atlantis
Type Campaign Medal
Ranks 1 (single class)
Awarded for Service in the Atlantis Armed Forces or allied armed forces during the Atlantis Civil War
Status Currently awarded
Established September 16, 2010
First awarded September 16, 2010
Total awarded 17

The Atlantis Civil War Campaign Medal is a Campaign Medal awarded for have fight against the group of rebels that have try to destabilize the government of the Republic of Atlantis during the Atlantis Civil War.


  • Atlantis.flag.png Imperial Salanian Flag.png Jordan I
  • Atlantis.flag.png Imperial Salanian Flag.png Ethan I
  • Atlantis.flag.png Imperial Salanian Flag.png John I
  • Atlantis.flag.png Paweł Dworzycki
  • 2828900.png Connor O'Leary I
  • Republic of Starland.jpg General Nik Hart