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United Ocean States
National Flag
Uos coatofarms.gif
Coat of arms

"Never Panic, Adjust"

Cranston Rhode Island, USA
Capital citySoda O Soup City
Official language(s)English, Spanish
DemonymOce Statian
- PresidentKevin M. Hunt II
- Vice PresidentRupo
EstablishedMay 19, 2019
Area claimed92.63 acres
CurrencyUS Dollar
National sportFootball
National animalGreat White Shark

United Ocean State's (union of ocean state's at that time) was founded in May 2019 by Kevin M. Hunt II. Union of Ocean States would officially be established in June 2019. To this day, the name is United Ocean States (or UOS), we are made up of 5 states, and is a member of the Vanguard League and the Micronational Assembly


Map of United Ocean States

In May 2019, Kevin M. Hunt II had found out about micro-nations and from his cousin, vice president of UOS, and the leader of Union of Mountain States. Once he did find out about micro nations he wanted to make his own and did so. When Union of Ocean State's was formed Kevin wanted to build as much as possible and did very well with it! Claiming 8.1 acres of land, 4 air soft guns and one M9, Getting 8 troops and 7 citizens, and other things that would help Ocean States grow very quickly!

Blechlin and The Republics of The East Coast War

In June 2019, just a 2 weeks after Union of Ocean States would officially be established they would be declared war on by Blechlin Union due to the reason that Blechlin thought Union of Ocean States had too much power for a new nation and Blechlin wanted all of it, so he could grow. After a week and 5 days Blechlin had officially surrendered to UOS forces. Just 4 days later, an invasion was carried out on UOS's republic's "Lusha and Benlotucky" (which is now the UOS state "New Werti") by The Republics of The East Coast injuring 4 soldiers and TRTEC would take half of the republic, all of this led to UOS to declare war on TRTEC. After a hard war, a treaty would be signed between the two nations and that would be the end of those wars.

Participation in North Divine War

On July 10th, The people's republic of North Divine would declare war on South Divine and close allie of UOS: Federal States of Delphia. UOS was supporting Delphia diplomatically since Delphia and North Divine are many USA state's away from UOS, until North Divine had declared war on UOS and the Kingdom of Saugeen (2nd Republic of Petoria at the time) and then UOS really had to get involved in the war. A few days later, Delphia gave UOS land near North Divine and Delphia with two soldiers that would represent UOS in battle, UOS gave Delphia land in return. A lot more nations (who most of them had close relations with UOS) and with all the help we were successfully able to make him surrender to our forces.

Union of Ocean States's partial collapse

After the north divine war, UOS was looking stong. They had a strong and healthy military, the citizens were pleased, and we had 13 different republics! But, The Republic of Rhode Island (which was a republic of UOS and will be important later) had caused 8 of them to collapse and the citizens and soldiers moved to the remaining republics. The cause of the collapse is classified, and we also didn't know who made them collapse until after the civil war (which you will read about later). After this, Kevin changed the name of Union of Ocean States to Federation of Ocean States

Ernish-Craldonia Wars

These wars were fought on two sides: Vanguard League vs Ernish Empire and The republic of Craldonia

Communism vs. Vanguard League #1

In early August 2019, the closest ally to UOS: Union of Mountain States had got in an argument with the leader of a communist micro-nation: Ernish Empire. The two had gotten in the argument about ideologies (communist and fascist to be exact) leading the Ernish Empire to declare war on Union of Mountain States. Once the news broke, an alliance group had been introduced from the United Provinces of Natlin and its name was "The Vanguard League" and Natlin invited UOS to join him to support UMS. After only an hour, Ernland surrendered! Vanguard League began to celebrate and invited some micronations to join the group. But, Vanguard League celebrated too soon and the very next day a micronation by the name of "The People's DPRK enclave of Taedong" had declared war on Vanguard League in support of Ernland. After that, Ernland would never sign the instrument of surrender and joined Taedong by declaring war on Vanguard League along with another nation by the name of "Craldonia" had joined the commie side. It was a long war but Ernland would officially surrender along with its allies making Vanguard League victorious!

Communist vs. Vanguard League #2

After about a month from the first war, Ernland would rise again and create the "2nd communism alliance" with Craldonia to expand communism throughout micro nations. Vanguard League did not worry about it though, they thought the micro nations were too small to expand communism, so we had planned to ignore them. Until, a micro nation called "Kelvaria" was declared war on by Ernland and Craldonia due to Ernland wanting to make Kelvaria communist but kelvaria declined so Ernland and Craldonia wanted to make them communist through force while Vanguard League was keeping a close eye on this, and we decided it's not our fight. Just a little later, Craldonia posted a video with a link in the description, he said the link was an "Instrument of Surrender" and Kelvaria had to look at it but when I clicked on the link with an VPN it turned out to be an IP grabber, and we alerted everyone until we found out that Federal States of Delphia's leader had clicked the link without a VPN, that's when it was round 2 for Vanguard League against Ernland and Craldonia. It was very hard to get to both of them until both presidents of UOS and Natlin were in a call and UOS carried out a plan to find Ernland's location and it worked! After that, Ernland had surrendered but we still had to fight craldonia, but Craldonia agreed to signing a instrument of surrender and did so. Vangaurd League was again victorious!

Civil War

The Governor of one of Ocean States's at the time "The Republic of Rhode Island" had suddenly come independent and declared war on Ocean State's to take all power from Ocean States and keep and it to his micro-nation which he soon re-named "States Of Qucker". The war looked like it was Qucker's with soldiers of Ocean States getting injured, invasions being held on Ocean States, and the president was ambushed and shot by air soft weapons. Ocean States had a re-group to make sure that they could beat Qucker and that's what they did, Ocean State's did exactly what Qucker did to them so much to the point that Qucker wanted to sign a peace treaty but Ocean States refused after all the damage they had done to UOS. After one last invasion Qucker surrendered and became under UOS rule once again but this time they are now referred to as "New Werti" in Ocean States.

Final Change

After the civil war, a lot of changes had to be made to the Federation of Ocean States. President Kevin officially decided to change the name and ideology for the best of Ocean States. Kevin changed the name of Federation of Ocean States to "United Ocean States" and the ideology from fascist to federal republic, Kevin stated "For best, For Ocean States".

Political Turmoil

On December 25th, 2019 there began an ongoing state of political turmoil within the United Ocean States. These various problems began with a PT (essentially an impeachment vote) against vice president Hunt P. The PT was started by an anonymous foreign diplomat and this ability for anyone to PT a government official brought to light a multitude of issues within the government. Hunt P. and Jacob D. suggested reforming the government and creating a constitution for the United Ocean States. Kevin M. Hunt gave power to Hunt P. and Jacob D. to make changes within the government while he took a break from the community, with the intention to further educate himself on similar topics.

Hunt P. assumed power of UOS and created a provisional government, with Jacob D. as an advisor. One of the major changes made by Hunt P. was the dissolution of the council which was the main system for creating and passing laws. The following morning of December 26th, Kevin M. Hunt removed Hunt P. from the VP position and Jacob D. from a government position. Kevin Hunt then instated Rupo as his Vice President, and within a few hours, the United Ocean States had changed from a federal republic to an oligarchy. With the change to an oligarchical system and the reestablishment of the council, political parties began to emerge such as the Ocean States Integralist party and the Progressive Party. More turmoil came when the council passed laws attempting to limit Kevin Hunt's executive powers, mostly to protect individual council members from removal. However, Kevin Hunt did not uphold these laws and removed Jacob D. from the council, which ended up with United Provinces of Natlin severing ties with the United Ocean States on the 29th of December; mainly due to Ocean State's unstable government. Hunt P. was reinstated as Vice President the same day. Later on January 2nd, 2020 the Integralist party would be disbanded in protest of Kevin Hunt's corruption and the removal of Jacob D. and another member from the party. The following day all political parties would be disbanded by government orders. On January 4th all of the previously passed laws were removed with the intention of creating new ones and rooting out government corruption. The same day Hunt P. would resign from the position of Vice President, with Union of Mountain States immediately severing all ties with UOS.


Here are the nations that UOS has created alliances with:


State Population Soldiers Acre's of land Cities
Sodaosoup45.pngSoda o Soup 7 4 31.05 4
VertangaFlag4.jpgVertanga 5 3 18.67 2
RoseFlag8.jpgRose 2 N/A 2.79 N/A
NewerSeaLaiFLag.jpgSea Lai 3 3 9.22 2
NewerNewWertiFlag.jpgNew Werti 2 3 9.13 3


Branch Personal Equipment
UOS Navy.png Navy 5 3 tugboats, 2 canoes, 2 airsoft rifles, metal rods and sticks
UOS Airforce.png Army 6 1 airsoft shotgun, 1 Beretta 19, 3 airsoft rifles, 1 airsoft pistols, rocks, knifes, baseball bats
UOS Army (actually airforce but I messed up).png Airforce 2 2 drones

Law and Order

United Ocean State's has a low crime rate of only 1, what had happened is that a person who isn't associated with UOS in any way had fired off-air soft bullets in UOS territory. The man was notified by a soldier of UOS who was in the area when it happened had told him not to do it again unless they became a UOS citizen and got an air soft license. After that, the president decided to make a police force for UOS with 1 branch: UOS Special and Tactical Forces.


Here are the main laws put in by the council of UOS for UOS:

  • It is prohibited to discharge a firearm without a permit.
  • Animal abuse of any kind is prohibited.
  • Seat belts are required to be used in a car.
  • Theft is a punishable by law.

If any of these laws are broken that person may be arrested by any person from any of the police forces, once a person is arrested they are taken to a court house which is a building right behind the capital building. Citizens of any nation are welcomed to be jury and after the prosecution the judge will decide the person who wronged the law's punishment. The criminal may get a lawyer.

Special and Tactical Forces

Branch Personal
UOSstf.jpeg UOS Special and Tactical Forces 2