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{{Infobox currency
{{Infobox currency
|name of currency    = Manat
|name of currency    = Manat

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Aswingtonian manat

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The manat is the currency of Aswington. The currency is divided into 100 kopecks.


The word manat derived from the word "Moneta" (Latin Monēta) In Roman mythology, was a title given to two separate goddesses: the goddess of memory, and was an epithet of Juno, called Juno Moneta. The latter's name is a source of numerous words in English and other European languages, including the words "money" and "mint".

The name was used as a designation for the Soviet ruble in the Azeri and Turkmen languages.


First series

Image Value Description
One Kopek.png 1 kopeck Coat of arms of Aswington; Value
Five Kopeks.png 5 kopecks
Ten Kopeks.png 10 kopecks
Twenty Kopeks.png 20 kopecks Coat of arms of Aswington; Value;
Three decorative vertical lines.
Fifty Kopeks.png 50 kopecks
All coins are minted and designed by the Central Bank of the Republic.

Commemorative Coins

Image Value Description
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
500 manats Coat of arms of Aswington


First series

Image Value Main colour Description
1 manat
5 manat


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