Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands

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Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands
Intermicronational organisation

Proposed Official Logo

Headquarters Marikina City, Republic of the Philippines

Official languages English, Filipino

Membership 5 full members


– Foundation 28 March 2013
– Re-Established 14 April 2014
– Renamed 8 July 2014

Official Website

The Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands, commonly abbrieviated as the AMPI, was a now defunct supramicronational organization with the aim of helping diplomatic relations between micronations based in the Philippines. It was a loose adaptation of the supranational Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Founded on 28 March 2013, the association fell into inactivity until the State of Ariana and the Independent State of Kaleido began the restoration on 13 April 2014, but was dissolved later that year. It was renamed from Association of Philippine Micronations to its final name on 8 July 2014.

Member States

Since its revival, APM accepted 5 nations to be member states. At its dissolution, these were: